Applicant Information:

Are you a marquis member of your organization, perhaps a successful entrepreneur? When the big initiatives come along, are you always the one asked to tackle them? Tired of short-sighted, ‘check list’ recruiters overlooking you because you don’t have the minimum ‘years’ of industry specific experience they are looking for?

Then you need to consider the Corporate Draft.

Who will be selected?

The best. The Corporate Draft is designed for applicants that have proven themselves time and time again. They are for the top performers of organizations and the most successful of entrepreneurs. The Corporate Draft is also about future potential; as the Corporate Draft will find hidden talent stagnated by a poor employer.

Streams that the Corporate Draft is focusing on for the 2009 Corporate Draft are:
  • Operations
  • Leadership
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Management
  • Executive Leadership
  • Product/Project Management
  • Change/Sustainability Management
  • Entrepreneurial/Small Business

Applicants who are selected to attend the Corporate Draft will have their critical professional background information published in the 2009 Corporate Draft Scouter’s Index. Applicants who are selected by Corporate Draft recruiters, (2000 Executive Management, 500 MBA’s with 2, yet no more than 5 years post graduate experience), will attend the Corporate Draft for 3 rounds of Corporate Draft selection.

The Corporate Draft is 4 days, and includes 2 days of Meet and Greet as well as 2 days of the Corporate Draft itself. The Corporate Draft is being held September 26th and 27th of 2009 at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

In what ways will applicants benefit by attending the Draft?

It is important to know that your background information and name will be discreetly illustrated in the Scouter’s Index. Your last name and past/current employers will not be posted. This is to facilitate the participation of passive applicants and to negate any possibility of repercussions of applicants ‘seeking greener pastures’. For an sample page of the Scouter’s Index, review page 8 of the Gameday Program.

Many professionals will be attending both the Draft and the Meet and Greet. Interviews and meetings will be arranged for you with perspective employers by Corporate Draft staff; meeting notices will be sent discreetly via email. The Corporate Draft will manage your calendar during the Meet and Greet ensuring perspective companies are able to meet applicants of interest.

Should you be picked, you will benefit from media exposure and a new career.

Resume building/applicant differentiating
Should you not be picked, you will generate outstanding contacts, and relationships through networking, as well as share the bragging rights that you attended the Corporate Draft – something all candidates look at as a resume builder.

In order to apply and be considered by Corporate Draft recruiters, applicants must:

  • apply online
    • Providing a recent resume and take an online questionnaire

I already make a good salary, what compensation might I be offered, and do I get a say in whether I want to work for that particular company.

Minimum salaries are as follows:

  • First Round Draft Choice; 150,000 US Dollars before bonuses
  • Second Round Draft Choice; 100,000 US Dollars before bonuses
  • MBA with experience Round; 70,000 US Dollars before bonuses

Please note that bonuses are not required in the Corporate Draft terms and conditions, however, should be expected.

All drafted applicants will be represented by agents that will negotiate deals with applicants; applicants can turn offers down, all drafted applicants will have had preliminary deals signed before Draft Day.

When can applicants apply?

Applications will be accepted from May 01, 2009 until June 15, 2009 midnight.

Applicant Terms: Summary

Please note, all applicants who are successfully chosen to attend the Corporate Draft must sign documentation stating the following:
Should applicants shortlist into the Corporate Draft, applicants will be required to complete:

    • Behavioral Event Interview via telephone
    • Cognitive Assessment Test
    • Competency Assessment Test (Situational Leadership Assessment)
    • Stress Test
  • Adhere to the Corporate Draft terms and conditions
  • Should applicant be selected to attend the Draft, Drafees must attend the 2-day Meet and Greet and 2-day Corporate Draft
    • All candidates must attend these four days or they will be replaced by those on the Corporate Draft applicant wait list.
    • All candidates must attend in person
    • All candidates must state they will work for the company in which they are drafted by for a minimum of one (1) year.
    • Applicant must make themselves available for employment no later than January 1st, 2010
    • All information gathered by the Corporate Draft will become property of the Corporate Draft
    • Applicants may be asked to prove recent, annual compensation figures