What is the Corporate Draft?

So you’re familiar with the NFL Draft? Well the Corporate Draft is an event for Fortune 500 companies, rather than football teams, to draft (recruit) the very best leaders and managers in America. More than just recruitment, the Corporate Draft is an economic stimulus opportunity, using recruitment as its platform, with attending companies marketing their corporate strategies and economic responses to consumer, investor and labor markets…

- Using a media average Americans can readily understand and relate to.
Cost Why:
  • 30,000 USD; all Corporate Draft services included
  • Fees are less than:
  • a 1/3 page national newspaper advertisement
  • executive search firm fees for one (1) placement
  • Cost effective
  • National exposure to employer branding
  • Demonstrate confidence to consumers and investors
  • Have some fun with recruitment
When: Where:
September 26th and 27th 2009 Radio City Music Hall, New York City
How: Who:
2500 screened, tested, interviewed and referenced candidates
  • Limited to fifty companies
  • Three rounds of Draft selection

  • 2–day Meet and Greet, September 24 and 25
  • 2–day Corporate Draft, September 26 and 27

  • Fortune 500; dedicated to Human Capital acquisition

  • The top percent of business professionals
  • Senior Managers & Executive with proven track records

Gameday Program

For all other Corporate Draft information including:

  • How do Companies select talent?
  • Benefits to your participation
  • Determining 2009 Draft Pick Order
  • Draft Day Logistics
  • A Sample of the Scouter's Index
  • Corporate Draft Fees and how to secure your participation

More Information?

Read our Corporate Draft Gameday Program or contact us. Email: general.enquiries@corporatedraft.com | Toll Free: 1-888-Wi-DRAFT (94-37238)